Our Story

Sam De Silva

Chief Executive Officer

Sam is a well experienced individual who thrives on success and achieving his goals. Coming from an engineering background, he completed his degree at the top of the class. After this, he wanted to broaden his horizons and moved from his hometown to the UK where he began a profession humbly in retail. Although not his area of study, retail experience allowed him to grow as a person and absorb skills and techniques from a range of people he wouldn’t have otherwise encountered.

Sam de Silva - Chief Executive Officer at Green Code Holdings LTD




Supply high quality products/services at a global level for clients. Enriching the lives of clients and employees while maintaining an ethical and moral approach to our success.

Using material and labour effectively and efficiently, competing with world leaders in our field and being recognised for our undisputable experience.

Honesty, transparency, respect, confidence, quality and continuous development.

Why use Green Code?

Design of Distinction

Our architects combine beautiful spaces, materials, and natural light to create inspirational properties tailored to your requirements. We aim to maximise the potential of your home with a creative approach to design.

Management Expertise

We are experts in managing the complete design and build process, from dealing with issues arising from planning and listed buildings to instructing works on site. Our architects understand that quality, cost and time are the key components of any successful project.

Local Knowledge

Our local experience has enabled us to develop a list of recommended consultants in London, from landscape designers to home automation specialists.


Sustainability is considered throughout the design process: our architects recognise the contribution of every element of the building, rather than relying on renewable technologies as an afterthought.