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Our experienced development team builds on a foundation of reliability & integrity, overseeing end-to-end construction of a variety of residential and commercial projects.


As a dynamic and forward thinking team, Green Code engineers specialize in providing insightful and innovative solutions across a range of disciplines and applications.


The Green Code architectural team are on a mission to create bespoke spaces that speak to the soul and fulfil practical requirements and aesthetic vision.

Our architects combine geometry, materials, and natural light to create inspirational spaces.

Green Code Architects is a practice made up of young but well experienced and enthusiastic Designers, Architects, and Engineers who are at the forefront of legislation, regulations, and wield in-depth knowledge of the construction industry. All these elements combined make for smooth approval processes coupled with beautiful final outcomes that anyone would be proud of.

We believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to spatial curation because every person is different. We believe that our clients play an intimate role in their project’s process and so the process and outcome will always be unique.

Whether the project is a straightforward extension of space or structural modification, a completely new and luxury home for life complete with full Interior Design or a large scale investment opportunity, our team are ready to make the image in your head a reality.

Our company is a complete architectural ecosystem; we can take a project from start to finish with all the necessary bells and whistles. We have strong connections within the construction industry along with Building Control companies. We know how to get what you want done, how you want it to be done.

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